It’s been ages since my last post and I feel really bad for neglecting the site. So I wanted to explain myself.  I lost my job 2 months ago and I have been frantically looking for a new one. As you can imagine I haven’t had much time to write or update my blog. I aim to do some advertising on Facebook once I’m employed and am relying on Twitter to help get my name out there. I reached 500 followers as of last week! Very excited.

My released novels Darkness before Dawn and Skylark have been out for a month or so now and are doing well. I hope to attract more reviews so I can post them to the site. Head over to the book store to check them out.

Now as for novels, I have finally finished editing my dystopian Edge of Tomorrow after some help from very talented beta readers. Thank you guys! The book is 100x better and I even have agents interested.

Of course my main priority is to get a job, but I am also very keen to get Edge of Tomorrow sold. It is currently doing the rounds with agents and publishers. I have started writing my next urban fantasy which will join EarthWalker. While I was on my first wedding anniversary last week, I actually dreamed of the book (plot, characters etc), so I knew it was important for me to do it. I am slowly working on it while I get my other priorities completed first.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to announce a new job and book contract soon. How cool would that be!

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