Promoting your book

Every author knows promoting your book is like fishing in a huge ocean. The market is saturated and makes it difficult to find your market and most of all, readers. For those authors who want to become the next E. L James or Stephen King overnight, think again. It takes years of hard work and persistence.

Promoting your book in a polluted sea might seem like a hard feat, but it can done. The age of social media and the Internet has made book promotion easier and user friendly. The best advice I can give to new authors is write, write and write. Keep releasing books. Those authors who strike it gold overnight are rarities, and those left behind have to quiver in their shadow. Jealousy rears its ugly head and makes you second guess your own work. I was there this week. I was seriously thinking about giving up writing for good, even though it’s my lifeline, passion and love. My latest sales for my books weren’t earning enough and it really bought me down. But writing isn’t about making money, its about connecting with your readers. I’ve done Book Tours and received a good response. I don’t make sales? Who cares. All I want is my readers to recommend my books to their friends and family.

Writing is about repetition. The more books you write and release, the more people will get to know you. In the SEO world, this is called Customer Awareness. Your readers will see your name out there more often and feel inclined to see ‘what all the fuss is about’.

I’ve published 4 books and, I’ll be honest, hasn’t made me much money. It does knock you down a few pegs to see other authors in your genre get picked up by the big publishers and you compare their work to yours. Never do that! It will only lead to more heartache. I used to criticise and loathe EL James because I didn’t think she was a ‘good writer.’ Now, I let my judgement pass. Us writers should flock together.

This article from the Entrepreneur might help when it comes to social media promotion.

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