When our Worlds Collide

“When our Worlds Collide, by Kellie Wallace is a fabulous dystopian novel.” – Amazon reviewer

As one city’s fate hangs in the balance, a woman’s destiny is about to be determined…

Amira Frost is forced to watch her home be invaded by the warmonger state, Argos. Divided into multiple class zones, the city’s once peaceful existence is threatened.

When an opportunity arises for Amira to get close to the General, she accepts with the hope that her new position as his personal food taster can help reclaim the municipality, but she is pulled deeper into his regime than she initially anticipated.

For every controlling force, a resistance is born…

The Ravens’ elusive leader, Grayson Roe, has one goal—to lead the resistance to victory against the barbaric military. Dedicated and ruthless, he sets out to use Amira to their
advantage by offering her a proposal she’s unable to refuse.

Nothing will stop him from regaining control over his city and its people—not even the dark haired beauty whose loyalty seems questionable.

A city threatens to fall and a decision needs to be made…

As the battle rages, Amira is caught between two opposing forces and reevaluates her allegiance when her loyalty is tested. Her home is under attack, her friends and family are dying, and she is faced with a grueling decision that has the power to save or bring down an entire city.

When worlds collide, she must choose between saving her home or surrendering to the one man who threatens to destroy it all—including her.


Edge of Tomorrow

“This book is an epic book of survival.” Amazon reviewer

In 2016, the American and European economies finally collapse, plunging the world into chaos. The Great Global Riot of 2016 stripped the nations of their humanity, leaving many people misplaced or killed. The world is no longer driven by money, but hunger, desolation and survival.

Twenty years on, Alex Locke lives in the colony of Pena located in lower Tennessee with his mother and step sister. The remains of society is divided up into various colonies, spanning across former USA. The Govern, the remnants of the American Government now run and police the districts.

When a rare homing pigeon flies into Pena with a note from the elusive Govern, the people prepare for the worst. In order to beat starvation and keep his family alive, Alex travels to the warehouse. With his childhood friend Kate and seven others in tow, they trek across Tennessee towards the warehouse encountering death, heartache and redemption.


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