Rogue Agent

“This is almost a perfect book in my opinion. A professional assassin with a crisis of conscience, a target who finds out how thin the line is between good a bad,and an agency that will stop at nothing to keep its secret combine for a really fun read. It kept me on the edge of my seat! I really enjoyed the dynamic between the main characters, especially while the story progressed. Not everything in the book is black and white, and the author does an amazing job of illustrating it. I was truly impressed with the author and look forward to reading more of their work.” – Helena D. Amazon

“This author is good at what she does. I enjoyed this book quite a bit! At first I was concerned with the futuristic time but it didn’t seem to bother me. It made sense to me. I love this fun and exciting book. I was on the edge of my chair the whole time. I would read more from this author.” ALY, Amazon

Her Sweetest Downfall

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“This was a great historical romance! I really enjoyed it and was drawn in by the authors ability to tell a historically accurate novel!” RachVD on Amazon

“Viola Craft’s marriage is one of duty and heartache, and desperately trying to please her older husband, Vernon. Despite all of her efforts, however, he still wants the one thing that she cannot–and will not–give him. This book is the slow-motion tumble of lives under siege. At times, Her Sweetest Downfall was challenging to read. Not because of any problems with the writing; much the contrary. The difficulties between the protagonist and her husband are well-rendered, and her indecision about what to do with her life in the face of societal constraints is painful and frustrating. Readers will find themselves hoping Viola and those around her make the right choices and may feel a little heartbreak themselves. I guarantee there will be two points in the book that make readers stop and re-read, thinking that events couldn’t have turned out that way. These lost opportunities add a sad realism of the book, however. That said, without giving too many spoilers, the book comes to a satisfying, if unexpected, conclusion. Readers will find Her Sweetest Downfall a poignant read, at times a little frightening, but in the end, Viola’s downfall may also be her salvation.” Interrobanged

To Lean On Falling Men

“A solid Thriller Novel. The premise is unique, which made me excited to read it just from the synopsis. This is one of those stories that will start off with a bang and not let up until the very last page. It really keeps on a great pace throughout. Kellie Wallace has really created an imaginative thriller that has plenty of twists and surprises.” My Reading Addiction Blog Tours

Darkness before Dawn

“A terrific read! Very engaging.” Marina Julia Neary, author of Martyrs and Traitors about Darkness before Dawn. Read more of the review here.

“As a history lover myself I was absolutely enthralled with this book. The historical aspects, showing more sides than just the American one, that I am more familiar with, along with a solid story had me hesitating to ever put my e-reader down.” Tara from Obviously Opinionated, book reviewer. Read more of the review here.

Darkness before Dawn was reviewed by Moonrise Book blog. Read it here.

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